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Choosing Accounting Software - ERP is reported to be the...

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My accounting software for my business is ERP, also known as Enterprise resource planning. ERP software was made for the largest organizations with sales that exceeding $500 million and has more than 500 employees. Some ERP software are: TaskHub, Openda QX, mySAP, PeopleSoft, WorkBook Software, and Accpac. As I completed my research I looked over many ERP accounting software that are offered to businesses in today’s world and the one I chose is Abas. Abas ERP software is built for Make-To-Orders, Engineer-To-Order, and Assemble-To -Order environments. As stated in the article called ERP Software Systems Index for Manufacturing the Abas software for
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Unformatted text preview: ERP is reported to be the most flexible and upgradeable solutions on the market. The Abas software has a 93% customer retention rate, as reported on www.softwaareadvice.com . It is also said on www.softwareadvice.com that Abas software is easy to customize without effecting the upgrading of the software. References: ERP Software Systems Index for Manufacturing, 2008-2011. http://www.top10erp.org/ Abas Distribution Software. 2006-2011 Software Advice, Inc. https://www.softwareadvice.com/distribution/abas-distribution-profile/...
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