AMH 2010 - Midterm Notes

AMH 2010 - Midterm Notes - Discuss the role of economic...

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Discuss the role of economic developments in shaping American history from  the early settlements to the Constitution: General Info: e Most of the people who moved to the new world, by the 17th century, were essentially English but there were also Dutch, Swedes, German, French, Africans, Spaniards, Italians, Portuguese. ..In 1690 the American population was estimated to be a quarter of a million, it reached 2.5 million in 1775. To follow this demographic expansion, Colonies developed by created towns which played the role of big commerce centers such as Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Even towns have developed to comply with the needs of their inhabitants. Therefore, shops, markets, town halls were created, in deed Lots of docs have been built to ensure linking between the colons and the mother nation England.The most important factor that helped the development of the colonies is that although those colonies' citizens were from different origins ( English, Swedes, French, Danes, Scots, Irish, German, Bohemians, Portuguese, Norwegians. ..) they forces their efforts together lived in harmony under a unique government. Therefore, they developed a sort of synergy that helped the economic development of the colonies. This synergy was seen especially in the middle colonies ( Pennsylvania, Delaware. ..) which were more cosmopolitan and tolerant then New England. The southern colonies were predominantly rural ( Virginia, Maryland, North & South Carolina and Georgia) their economy is based on the great planters and the yeoman farmers. o As the 18th cent. progressed, colonial grievances were exacerbated. The British mercantile regulations, beneficial to agriculture, impeded the colonies' commercial and industrial development. However, economic and social growth continued, and by the mid-18th cent. there had been created a greater sense of a separate, thriving, and distinctly American, albeit varied, civilization. In New England, Puritan values were modified by the impact of commerce and by the influence of the Enlightenment, while in the South the planter aristocracy developed a lavish mode of life. Enlightenment ideals also gained influential adherents in the South. Higher education flourished in such institutions as Harvard, William and Mary, and King's College (now Columbia Univ.). The varied accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin epitomized colonial common sense at its most enlightened and productive level. o After the British and colonial forces had combined to drive the French from Canada and the Great Lakes region in the French and Indian War (1754-60; see under French and Indian Wars ), the colonists felt less need of British protection; but at this very time the British began colonial reorganization in an effort to impose on the colonists the costs of their own defense. Thus was set off the complex chain of events that united colonial sentiment against Great Britain and culminated in the American Revolution (1775-83; the events are described under that heading). The Revolution resulted in the independence of the Thirteen Colonies: Massachusetts,
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AMH 2010 - Midterm Notes - Discuss the role of economic...

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