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Limiting Reactants Why? Reactants are not always present in the exact amounts required by the balanced chemical reaction equation. In planning any cost-effective production process, it is necessary to recognize which component limits the amount of material that can be produced. Identifying the limiting reactant in a chemical reaction will strengthen your skills in dealing with moles, solution concentrations, and reaction stoichiometry. Learning Objectives λ Determine the amounts of material involved in a reaction. λ Identify reactants that limit the extent of a reaction and the amount of product produced. Success Criteria λ Quick identification of the limiting and excess reactants. λ Accuracy of calculations of the amounts of material reacting and being produced in chemical reactions. Resources Olmsted and Williams ( Chemistry 3/e , Wiley, 2002) pp. 148-154. Prerequisites moles, chemical compounds, chemical reaction equations, determination of chemical formulas New Concepts limiting reactant, excess reactant Vocabulary stoichiometry Definitions In your own words, write definitions of the terms in the New Concepts and Vocabulary sections.
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Limiting Reactants Model 1: Limiting Ingredient A cake recipe calls for 2 cups of water 4 cups of flour 8 squares of chocolate 4 cups of sugar 8 oz of butter 4 eggs Ingredients on hand lots of water 5 cups flour 4 cups sugar 12 squares chocolate 16 oz butter 6 eggs
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limiting_reactantsHanson - Limiting Reactants Why?...

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