Help Desk (Quiz 1) - C. the customer's role in providing...

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Quiz 1 (Chapters 1-3) 1. What is the correct relationship? A. Processes are part of  procedures. B. Procedures are part of  processes. C. Processes and procedures  are the same. D. Processes and goals are  the same. 2. The most important and frequently hidden reason a software tool fails is because: A. the tool is written poorly B. the tool is difficult to learn. C. support staff do not want to change. D. the underlying processes and procedures  are inefficient or poorly defined. 3. A service level agreement does not include: A. how services are delivered. B. the hours of operation for the support  group and contract numbers.
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Unformatted text preview: C. the customer's role in providing information. D. the names of support staff members and their telephone numbers. 4. When would a company not know who its customers are before they call? A. when its products are distributed or sold by other companies. B. when the technology is contantly changing. C. when the website is down. D. when managers are answering all the questions. 5. GUIs have advantages over text entry because they: A. require minmimal typing skills. B. are more fun to use. C. are newer technology. D. are standard parts of all software....
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Help Desk (Quiz 1) - C. the customer's role in providing...

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