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HLP 1081 - Midterm Prep

HLP 1081 - Midterm Prep - PREP FOR THE MIDTERM EXAM The...

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PREP FOR THE MIDTERM EXAM The Midterm Exam is worth 50 points. It consists of True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select and Matching. The Midterm will cover Concepts 1-14. REMEMBER: The Midterm Exam is a proctored exam ; make sure you have made your appointment at a BCC campus or computer lab. See course announcements or Lessons for the “how-to” link for scheduling appointments. For the few who requested an “outside proctor,”and the proctor was approved, detailed information about the Midterm Exam will be sent directly to the proctor’s email. You and the approved proctor will be responsible for setting up the specific appointment time and place. Since access to the Midterm Exam will begin in Week 8, I wanted to give you a few tips for studying: 1. Review the main points from each Concept chapter : Depending on how in depth you have read the chapters, you will need to re-read the information or the notes you made when reading. This can help you review important information you have already read about.
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