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Attach your answers to all five of the short essay questions listed here. Ignore the line below about cutting and pasting answers, only attachments are allowed. Each question is worth 60 points for a total of 300. Grammar, spelling, format, citations all count towards your grade so proofread carefully. 1. Select one painting and one sculpture created by Michelangelo. Discuss the significance and the history behind the creations. Include a short 2 paragraph biography. 2. Describe what is meant by "classical humanism" and why it is particularly important to the cultural and intellectual movement of the Renaissance.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Compare and contrast the lives of lords and serfs in medieval times. List at least three points of similarity and three of contrast and discuss each. 4. Compare the social and economic impact of the plague to the AIDS. How have we learned from past "plagues" and what impact has it had on our present method of dealing with calamities such as this? 5. Select at least 5 grievances Martin Luther had with the Catholic church and discuss his alternatives and solutions to these issues. How have each stood the test of time?...
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