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Nettles 1 Jeffrey Nettles Dorothy McCalla HUM2270 01Z 02/29/2008 Looking Down At Life Everyone takes a different path in life. With different paths come different experiences. This gives everyone a different outlook on life and everything that goes along with it. Some choices lead you on the right path and then some lead you into the darkness. Each choice you make opens up a new path in your journey. Georgia O’Keeffe painted a more modern piece in 1930 titled, Black Mesa Landscape, New Mexico/Out Back of Marie’s II. This painting was completed on an oil canvas with multiple ranges of light and dark colors. This painting was inspired by the journey she took beginning in 1929 to New Mexico. She fell in love with the landscape, mainly the sunshine and open skies. In this piece there isn’t a single line that repeats itself or shape that repeats itself. Upon your initial glance you begin to focus on the center layer. This is where the brightness comes out and you notice all of the different lines. For the most part they all lead upward. From there your eyes begin to travel up away from the light, friendly colors, into the dull darkness. Those lines are not illuminated as much and seem to travel more horizontally. This upper section also has a great feeling of depth. The farther your eyes wander up, the deeper the image grows. Lastly, you notice the bottom. You get lost in
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Art Essay - Nettles 1 Jeffrey Nettles Dorothy McCalla...

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