Project Management (Assignment 3)

Project Management (Assignment 3) - 1 Briefly describe what...

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1. Briefly describe what happens in each of the five project management process groups (initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing). On which process should team members spend the most time? Why? This is the step that the project is authorized and project manager and sponsor are chosen. This is used in each phase of a project. The planning process is the stage where different project plans are chosen. It is also the stage that makes sure every part of the projects needs are met. This is also re evaluated throughout a project. Executing phase is essentially the “people” part of the project process. The team is put together, progress and quality are monitored. Monitoring and controlling phase is the checkpoint phase. This is where the progress is checked to make sure it meets objectives. Performance reporting is a big part of this phase. The closing process is the final process. This is where the project is formalized. Contracts are finished and documentation is completed. Monitoring and controlling process takes the most
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Project Management (Assignment 3) - 1 Briefly describe what...

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