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Project Management (Assignment 5)

Project Management (Assignment 5) - and executed project...

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1. Describe project integration management.  How does project integration management  relate to the project life cycle, stakeholders, and the other project management  knowledge areas? 2. Briefly describe the strategic planning process.  Which project selection method(s) do  you think organizations use most often for justifying information technology projects?    3. Summarize key work involved in each of the seven processes for project integration  management. 4. Either from your own experience or by searching the Internet, describe a well-planned 
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Unformatted text preview: and executed project. Describe a disastrous project. What were some of the main differences between these projects? 5. Discuss the importance of following a well-integrated change control process on information technology projects. What do you think of the suggestions made in this chapter? Think of three additional suggestions for integrated change control on information technology projects....
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