PSY 2012 Quiz 09 - 1. What is the highest level of Maslow's...

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PSY 2012 Quiz 09 1. What is the highest level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs? A) Love B) Self-actualization C) Food and shelter D) family 2. You only read just enough of the chapter to do OK on this quiz. What kind of motivation was that? A) Intrinsic B) Extrinsic C) Common sense 3. If you excessively reward children for artistic or musical expression, with prizes, what is the likely result, and why? A) They will become less creative and less spontaneously interested in making art; because you have replaced intrinsic  motivation with extrinsic motivation. B) They will do more art -- Behavioral theory shows this; it's all about operational conditioning C) No difference, unless the prize satisfies a basic need, like food.  4. Homeostatis is: A) irrational fear of homosexuals B) a state of balance, when drives have been satisfied C) a hormone linked to aggression D) part of the hypothalamus that controls body weight
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PSY 2012 Quiz 09 - 1. What is the highest level of Maslow's...

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