Final Exam Notecard (Chap 9-10)

Final Exam Notecard (Chap 9-10) - (satiety system the stop...

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ltural theory, kids expand mental ability/get smarter thru convos with smart adults; called “scaffolding” Kohlberg - said we learn moral values from reasoning thru an exposure to moral dilemma. Erikson (D) - developed “life-stage theory” of human develop; we face psychosocial-dilemma/crisis at each stage Binet -Designed 1st intelligence test; toda tion & emotion, especially hunger, thirst, and sexual behavior; sensitive to sugar and other substances in the blood; also to both neural and chemical messages. Lateral hypothalamus (feeding system) : activates & gives urges to eat (whether hungry or not). Ventromedial hypothalamus
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Unformatted text preview: : (satiety system) the stop mechanism to extinguish urges to ea tability. Personality Trait : Stable, enduring quality that a person shows in most situations (inferred from behavior) conscious, supplies energy, & demands pleasure. Ego : Executive part of personality that directs rational behavior. Superego : A judge or censor for thoughts & actions (conscience or cause for moral anxiety). Thanatos : The death instinct postulated. Oral stage (year 1) : When infants are preoccupied with the mouth as a source of pleasure & means of ex PSY 2012 Final Index Card PSY 2012 Final Index Card
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Final Exam Notecard (Chap 9-10) - (satiety system the stop...

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