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Final Exam Notecard (Chap 11-15)

Final Exam Notecard (Chap 11-15) - ↓ Alarm reaction 1 st...

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M Categories : Disorder usually 1 st diagnosed before adulthood. dementia, amnestic & cognitive disorder order due to a general medical condition -related Disorder rder sorder m Disorder Disorder gender identity disorder order rder ontrol Disorder nt Disorder y Disorder ysis : Freudian therapy free assoc. etc. rapy erapy : Any bodily therapy, such as drugs, ECT, or psychosurgery uppressing by neg. assoc. daptation syndrome (GAS) : A series of bodily reactions to prolonged stress; occurs in three stages: alarm, resistance, & exhaustion.
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Unformatted text preview: ↓ Alarm reaction : 1 st stage of GAS, during which bodily resources are mobilized. ↓ Stage of resistance : 2 nd stage of GAS, during which bodily adjustments to stress stabilize, but at high physical cost. ↓ Stage of exhaustion : 3 rd ess Management) Cortisol : is released in response to stress or to a low level of blood glucocorticoids, & produced by the adrenal gland. Release is controlled by the hypothalamus. (Section 12.1 – Normality & Psychopathology) DSM is used to classify mental disorders. Psychopathology : The scientific study of mental, emotional, & behavioral dis PSY 2012 Final Index Card www.SmokinNotes.com...
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