4-7 test - UTS A POL 1133. Texas Politics Test #2 (A) over...

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UTS A POL 1133. Texas Politics Test #2 (A) over Ch. #4-7 - Startin 1. Modern Texas politics often has a direct link to events in Texas history: a. True b. False 2. 'Myths'about Texas are stories that have virtually no impact on TX politics: a. True b. False 3. The first Europeans to discover Texas in early 1500s were: a. English b. French c. Spanish d. Americans e. Germans 4. The 'mission system' of the 1700s was a very successful venture for Spain Catholic church, bringing many thousands of Spaniards to Texas: a. True b. False 5. One of the most successful men during the 'empresario system', also known as 'the father of Texas' was: a. Sam Houston b. Stephen Austin c. Davy Crockett d. E. J. Davis e. Wm. Travis 6. When was the Texas revolution with Mexico: a. 1776-1777 b. 1787-89 c. 1835-1836 d. 1860-65 e. 1919-1921 7. The first President of the Republic of Texas was: a. Sam Houston b. Stephen Austin c. Davy Crockett d. E. J. Davis e. Wm. Travis 8. How long was Texas an independent republic: a. 4 years b. 6 years c. almost 10 years d. about 20 years e. approx 40 years 9. Texas became the 28 th state of the USA in: a. 1787 b. 1836 c. 1845 d. 1873 e. 1919 10. Since Texas was outside the 'war zone', the Civil War did not affect Texas very much: a. True b. False c. only affected wealthy elite d. only affected poor farmers J1. Which one of these did NOT cause major, lasting changes in Texas during the mid-late 1800s: a. Civil War b. discovery of oil c. Reconstruction d. Gov. E. J. Davis 12. Approximately how long did the 'cowboy - trail drive era' last in Texas: a. less than 10 years b. over 50 years c. about 25 years in late 1800s d. most of the 19 th century e. over 150 years 13. Which one of the following helped end the cowboy - trail drive era in Texas: a. interstate highways b. industrial revolution c. less demand for beef d. Civil War e. cotton 14. After the Civil War, which political party was dominant in Texas for many years: a. Progressive b. Democratic party c. Republican party d. Liberal party e. Socialists 15. About how long was this political party (in question above) the dominant party in Texas: a. 25 years b. 50 years c. about 80 years d. over 100 years e. still is today 16. European migration into Texas in the 1800s typically followed a pattern called: a. mass migration b. cluster migration c. ruralization d. forced migration e. urbanization 17. Texas joined the Confederacy because most Texans were slave owners: a. True b. False 18. The largest number of settlers who came to Texas during the 1700s and 1800s were: a. Spanish b. European c. Americans d. criminals e. Mexican
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19. Texans are largely a combination of two political culture subgroups, traditional and: a. economic b. individualistic c. moralistic d. puritanical e. socialistic 20. From
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4-7 test - UTS A POL 1133. Texas Politics Test #2 (A) over...

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