Ch 8- Local Govt (notes) - Crain Perkins Texas Politics...

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Local Gov’t: municipal (town/city), county & special district, is govt closest to the people; effects our lives everyday; very likely to be governed by several of them -local govt bound by all state/federal laws; ‘ unitary ’ relationship between state/local; they are ‘creatures of the state’, created by state w/ as much power as state allows -underlying principle of democracy is that govt should be responsive to people, local govt is the most responsive, often the only contact people ever have with govt Municipalities: general rule ’ incorporated w/pop 5000/ less, limited gov’t & limited in what they can do (no local charter, provided by state), 800+ in Tx; this is one step up from ‘un-incoporated’ areas, 5000+ in Tx, esentially no local govt/ can’t elect officials; -‘general law’ = general policies by state on taxes, services, etc town can have -In 1912, established home rule ’ for pop 5000+, pop can choose govt structure that fits them best, 300+ in Tx ; can write own charter (local city ‘const’) & laws, have ETJ & annex, voters can initiate recall, initiative, referendum; can have more control, Mayor-council : almost all towns/cities have mayor & council, mayor can be weak or
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Ch 8- Local Govt (notes) - Crain Perkins Texas Politics...

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