Chapter 1 - Chapter 1-4 Review Chapter 1 1. Who (what...

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Chapter 1-4 Review Chapter 1 1. Who (what nationality) were the European explorers in Texas? How successful were they? How did their exploration affect Texas history? Spanish. They started off in the southwest, but it wasn’t successful because the mission system didn’t work. They used it for hunting and trapping. We see influences in Texas. For example we see missions that still exist today. 2. Who were some of the main figures in early Texas political history? Stephen F. Austin is the” father of Texas” he is the son of Moses Austin. Sam Houston was the first president of Texas and he was the general of the army. 3. When was the Texas Revolution with Mexico? October 1835-April 1836 4. When did Texas become a state in the USA? December 29 th , 1845 Texas became the 29 th state 5. How did the Civil War, Reconstruction and EJ Davis affect Texas? It set Texas against the government and Republicans Military rule was put in. 6. Know the 13 th , 14 th and 15 th amendments to the US Constitution. 13 th Amendment—freed all the slaves officially. 14 th Amendment—gave all the free slaves the right to vote 15 th Amendment—gave them citizenship 7. How did the ‘cowboy-trial ear’ come about? How long did it last and what caused it to end? It was because of the cattle drives(1865-1895ish) following the Civil war which created the greatest epic expression of the generic hero, the cowboy. It lasted for 20-25 year (lasted until 1905) and the Industrial Revolution caused it to end because there was no need for cattle drivers anymore. 8.
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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1-4 Review Chapter 1 1. Who (what...

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