Lecture WED JAN 24 - suppose 2 be bout compromise...

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WED JAN 24 1. American Core Values/ Ideals: along with other basic principles such as: 2. Two major historical periods that dramatically impacted & changed American society, politics, culture & ideology…. - Industrial Revolution (late 1800s-early 1900) - Great Depression (1930s –early 1940s 3. Basic Rules of American Politics - 4. Four Basic Theories of Power: 5. Purpose of Government : Preamble to the Constitution says… “We the people, in order to form a more prefect Union, to… (1) establish justice (2) insure domestic tranquility (3) provide for the common defense (4) promote the general welfare & (5) secure the blessing of Liberty…” Politics is…
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Unformatted text preview: suppose 2 be bout compromise determines who gets what when and how process by which society settles its conflicts struggle for power, influence and advantage within the political institutions We need Gov’t for … Protection and Services (education, court system, police dept, etc) Protect our values and beliefs Government is the only organization that extends to all society WED FEB. 7, 07 Three major comprominses: 1. Representation in Congress : compromised on a ‘bicameral ’ (two house) legislature 2. Who would have the right to vote – decision left to the states 3. Slavery : agreed to count 3/5s of all slaves for both population (for representation in Congress) & taxes Interdependent Political Structures-Federalism-Separation of power-Checks and balances-Bill of rights...
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Lecture WED JAN 24 - suppose 2 be bout compromise...

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