Texas Politics Lecture Notes - 10/2/06 Texas Politics...

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Texas Politics Lecture Notes 1803 - Lousiana Purchase. Major shift in Texas Politics. France was having a war in Europe and felt that the British was going to take the land anyways so they let them purchase the land. Effect—the US doubled in size. More settlers came into the US. Americans came into the Spanish/Mexican land (Texas land) and took over it. Fertile and good land. 1836 -Texas declared independence 1821-Mexico declared independence from Spain (do not need to know date) October 1835-April 1836 —Revolutionary war with Mexico. Fought at the Alamo and lost. 1836-1846—Independent republic of Texas. Mexican government and US settlers misunderstood each other; things weren’t working out. Sam Houston was named first president of the Republic Stephen F. Austin Father of Texas In ten years, 65,000 people moved into Texas (settlers and immigrants) December 29, 1845 —Texas was allowed to join the US. Reasons: slave state and political reasons. Became the 28 th state. The Texas Rangers —the militia forces, cowboys, soldiers. .Acted as policemen and soldiers to catch Mexican bandits and Mexican soldiers. Rio Grande the official border of the US. 1860-Civil War Texas got involved on the side of confederacy because Texas was a slave state. The wealthy elite were slave owners and they controlled the politics. That’s why they joined the confederacy. Most of the white men went and joined the confederacy. Some went to join the Unions (Unionists). Texans came home and found out that they didn’t have a home.
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Texas Politics Lecture Notes - 10/2/06 Texas Politics...

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