TEST 1 - 1 Governmental compromise and decision making the...

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1. Governmental compromise and decision making; the process by which the people resolve conflicts, decide who shall govern and what policies shall be adopted: Politics 2. An ‘organization extending to all society, which can legitimately use force to carry out decisions’; the procedures and institutions by which people resolve conflicts and govern themselves: Government 3. Government by the people; a governmental system in which ‘the people’ hold the power (as opposed to power held by one person or a few people) Democracy 4. A ‘social contract’ is agreement among people to allow themselves to be governed in return for: Protection; services 5. Widespread acceptance (by people) of something as right or binding: Legitimacy 6. Legitimate or accepted power; citizens accept government authority and comply with laws. Authority 7. The authority of people or groups to control public policy is called: Power 8. There are several ‘generally accepted ideals’ or ‘basic principles’ a government. must have to be considered a democracy; which if these are some of them? a) Government respect for human dignity b) Free and open elections, with widespread participation c) Equality before law for all 9. The rules or ‘basic law’ by which government operates; a constitution establishes a government (not vice versa): Constitution 10. The current holder (elected official) of a political office: Incumbent 11. People (voters) served by a particular elected official (incumbent); those who can or do vote for a particular official; an electoral district or all the voters in a district: Constituents 12. The idea or concept that all individuals are equal in their moral worth is called: Equality 13. ‘No higher political authority’ exists or rules; ultimate authority to rule in a given geographical area; in USA , the states and national government each have ‘sovereign powers’ Sovereignty 14. The final result of government action; the decision by government to follow a given course of action: Public Policy 15. The principle that individual and group differences should be respected and are a source of national strength: Diversity 16. The ‘collective legal procedures’ essential to the guarantee
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TEST 1 - 1 Governmental compromise and decision making the...

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