TEST 3 - 1. Which branch of gov't did framers intend to be...

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1. Which branch of gov’t did framers intend to be dominant? a. Legislature 2. How many members are in the US Senate? a. 100 (2/state) 3. How long is the term of office for a US Senator? a. 6 years 4. Number of members in the House of Representatives? a. 435 5. Term of office for a House of Rep? a. 2 years 6. House of Rep based on? a. Population 7. How are the number of members in the US Senate determined? a. All the same, 2 per state 8. Most impt power of Congress? a. 9. Congress is done in? a. Committees 10. Congress has the power to? a. Tax, spend, and borrow 11. The presiding officer is also known as the? a. Speaker of the house 12. Chairmen are selected by? a. Political party and seniority 13. Is there a term limit for congress? a. No term limit 14. The power to impeach is most powerful? a. False, b/c it is hardly ever used (only been done twice) 15. Women and minorities have finally gained equality? a. False 16. Committee membership is a nice perk? a. False 17. Formalities required to be elected to congress are numerous? a. False 18. US Congress is most popular? a. False 19. # of US Senators is determined by? a. State Legislature 20. Who cast vote to break tie? a. Vice President 21. NOT a delegated power of congress? a.
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TEST 3 - 1. Which branch of gov't did framers intend to be...

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