Chapter 16 - ____________ are growing _____________. Define...

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Chapter 16 NO CHAPTER 17! Startin Define the following: Revenues: Appropriations: Expenditures: Entitlements are expenditures that ________ be paid. Examples include: ______% of the TX state budget comes from the Federal Government. Are there restrictions about how that money can be spent? List the three largest groups who live in poverty: What % of each of the following groups are considered to be below the poverty line? Blacks: Hispanics: Whites: The fastest growing segment of the population below the poverty line is: This is called the “_____________ of poverty.” Discretionary spending accounts for _______% of the Federal Budget. Entitlements account for _____% of the Federal Budget. The Federal Budget is $ _______________ . List the three entitlement programs that account for the most spending:
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The “baby boomers” are growing older so the budget for __________ __________ and
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Unformatted text preview: ____________ are growing _____________. Define GDP: The GDP of the US is $___________. The US has ____ unemployment. _____________ and ______________ are bad for the economy. They take money out of the system without putting anything back __________ it. Unemployment is a good measure of the ___________. Under ____% is the sign of a good economy. Since 1955 redistribution of wealth by the government has ______________. Social entitlements mostly go to the ______________ class. The __________ only receive about ___/___ of the social entitlements. The largest social entitlement program is ___________ ___________. What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? US spends _________ money on education and gets ________ for our dollar. We educate more people than other nations. __/__ of our people attend college compared to ___% of Europeans....
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Chapter 16 - ____________ are growing _____________. Define...

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