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Extra Credit Guidance, POL 1013 - Guidance on Extra Credit...

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Guidance on Extra Credit ‘Issue Papers’ for UTSA POL # 1013 classes - Startin For extra credit , you may select and study a current political issue , and write a short summary or ‘issue paper’ about it. Papers may cover almost any subject as long as it deals with some aspect of government or politics. Topics may come from newspaper or magazine articles, or from TV or internet news. These ‘issue papers’ are much like current events reports, except an issue paper has at least two sides & must include your personal opinion, with rationale . Format: In each paper you should: (1) identify your source(s) at the beginning of the issue paper, (2) summarize the overall issue in the first paragraph or two, (3) then discuss the ‘pros & cons’ of the issue; point out who wants what & why, and describe what the outcome might be if the issue is resolved one way versus another, and very importantly, (4) give your personal opinion regarding the issue, with rationale .
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