Federal Bureaucracy - Tasks of the Bureaucracy The...

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Tasks of the Bureaucracy : The Bureaucracy is not Constitutionally empowered to decide policy questions, but they do… as they use administrative discretion to perform their tasks of: Implementation: the bureaucracy develops new procedures and creates new agencies as it ‘implements’ the laws made by Congress Regulation: part of ‘implementing’ involves making new ‘regulations’…rules with the force of law… to carry out these policies; this process resembles ‘legislation’ very closely Adjudication: and they decide whether we are following the rules they made through ‘adjudication’; this resembles the judicial process very closely Almost all of these procedures have some ‘leeway’ which allows the bureaucrat some administrative discretion in how to do things, and some allow a great deal in carrying out the policies intended by the laws passed by Congress. In the USA, the 3 million ‘civil servants’ of federal bureaucracy essentially ‘runs the government’ (does not include 1.5 million uniformed Armed Forces) Functions of the Federal Bureaucracy : National Maintenance
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Federal Bureaucracy - Tasks of the Bureaucracy The...

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