pol review - Voting is the most basic link between the...

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Chapter 14, Cont. Test 2 Startin Ch 14, cont. What is Common Law? What is a precedent? Give an example of a precedent being overturned. Dealing with crime is a ____________ right. Miranda Rights, Due Process of Law, Writ of Habeas Corpus… Discuss those: We have a right to a trial by __________, but most people choose to ________ that right. In 1932, the right to _________ was created, and if you can’t afford one, it will be ___________ for you. RESOURCES: Cabinet Members: www.whitehouse.gov/government/cabinet.html Web CT Review Sheets: Voting and Elections Political Parties Interest Groups Electoral College The President Iron Triangle Federal Bureaucracy Judiciary
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QUESTIONS: Participation is the central link between public ___________ and public _________. Suffrage: Legal right to __________.
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Unformatted text preview: Voting is the most basic link between the people and the government in a democracy. 26 th Amendment (1971): Voter registration is _________ and __________. 15 th Amendment (1870): Equality in Representation means… Gerrymandering: Legal for ___________ purposes, not for _______________. How many people vote in: Presidential election? Off- year elections? Local elections? A census is done every _____ years and we ______________ districts based on them. Expediency: Pragmatic: How long have political special interest groups been involved in American politics? A __________ is the key person in a political special interest group. Who actually selects the President? Review from class discussion:...
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pol review - Voting is the most basic link between the...

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