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Pol. Culture & Socialization - Political Culture...

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Political Culture & Political Socialization Political Culture : a people’s predominant values, beliefs, attitudes, ideals & evaluations of the political system of the country, & the role of the people in it - widely shared & enduring values, beliefs, attitudes, feelings, & emotions about govt, who should govern & why, about the political system & individual’s role in it; - a people’s pattern of attitudes & orientations towards politics; it takes in emotions, ethics, values & beliefs, and colors individual expectations of what politics is supposed to be & what the role of people in public life & politics is to be - laws are reflection of political culture, a compromise of ideas & beliefs, but laws can’t change attitudes & are not ‘public policy’ until political culture accepts… - values: shared ideas about what is good/desirable - beliefs: shared ideas about what is true Political cultures are divided into ‘subcultures’, or variations on the prevailing values & beliefs in society :
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