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President (Review) - Chief Diplomat makes treaties&...

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Roles of President Roles of the President began to expand almost immediately and have continued to change as what society expected of its President changed throughout past 200 years… Today, the Constitutional duties have significantly expanded & greatly increased duties of President beyond what Framers ever envisioned. Chief of State : “The executive power shall be vested in a President” -symbolic figurehead, the #1 American, represents the nation as ‘head of state’, grants reprieves & pardons, appoints federal judges (with advice & consent), speaks for ‘the American people’ Chief Executive or Chief Administrator : “take care that the laws be faithfully executed”; supervises executive branch of government (federal bureaucracy) which ‘implements laws’ & essentially ‘runs the government’, appoints & removes executive branch officials, prepares executive branch budget for Congress (most of federal budget)
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Unformatted text preview: Chief Diplomat : makes treaties & appoints ambassadors “with advice & consent of Senate”, exercises ‘diplomatic recognition’ of other nation-states, more often makes ‘executive agreements’ Commander in Chief : commands large, powerful US military forces; much larger, more powerful and influential than ever imagined by the framers of the Constitution Chief Legislator : “give Congress information on the State of the Union and recommend such measure as he shall judge necessary”; initiates policy, veto legislation, call special sessions of Congress - We look to the President to be our ‘symbolic leader’; we also expect him to manage crisis (foreign or domestic), provide policy guidance, manage the economy, manage the government, and speak for the American people to the world as a global leader...
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  • Spring '05
  • Dr.J.PhilipRogers
  • Media, President of the United States, Appoints federal judges, Constitution Chief Legislator, Chief Executive or Chief Administrator, removes executive branch

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