test review - Test #1 and #2 A government system where the...

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Test #1 and #2 A government system where the people hold the ultimate power is democracy. Governmental decision making or the process by which society makes governing decisions is politics. An organization extending to all society which can legitimately force to carry out decisions is the government. The agreement among people to allow themselves to be governed in return for protection is social contract. Widespread acceptance by the people of something as right or binding is legitimacy. What was the first constitution of the U.S. called? The articles of confederation. Which branch of government did the framers of the constitution of 1787 intend to be the most dominant? Legislature/congress What did the framers intend the primary role of the president to be? Implement laws passed by congress. Our government has several basic purposes, as listed in the preamble to the constitution, which is not among them? Insure the right to vote for all. The basic law or document which established the structure and limitations of a government? Constitution Which is not among the things/ideas the framers of the constitution of 1787 had in common? They shared higher educations, wealth, equality, nationalism The supremacy clause of Article VI of the U.S. constitution establishes who or what as the supreme power in USA? US constitution Which is not a basic principle of the Constitution of 1787? What is the authority of the Supreme Court to review? Judicial review Amendments to the U.S. constitution can be put into law solely by 2/3 majority of both houses of congress and signature by the president? False The political system of shared government is federalism. Article 1 of the U.S. constitution has powers granted to the national government; what are they called? Expressed,. ......
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The elected official who is the current holder of elected office is called an incumbent. The people or voters who are in the district served be a given elected official are called
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test review - Test #1 and #2 A government system where the...

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