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Voting Laws and Election Procedures are ‘states rights’ in our ‘federal’ system; - ‘Reserved’ to the states, we consider voting / the vote (suffrage) the most basic link between people & their government in a democracy, and one of the most significant powers reserved by the states to themselves Three primary variable in ‘who votes’ in Texas & the USA - (1) older age, (2) higher income ; which generally translates to whites & upper ‘socio-economic’ classes in our society - Two basic types of elections: elections held every two years (not 4 !) - Primary election schedules vary by state; in Texas on 2 nd Tuesday in March of even numbered years, called ‘Super Tuesday’ - General elections: 1 st Monday after 1 st Tuesday in November of even numbered years - Primaries are ‘private elections held by political parties for their members’
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