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UTSA POL # 1013 - Introductory Notes – Mr Startin A little about this class and the best way to get a good grade in it… this is: POL 1013, Introduction to American Government; over the next 16 weeks, we’ll cover the US Constitution, This is a ‘basic’ course , no rocket science, things everyone should know. It can be an easy course… I’ll tell you most of what you need to know to pass the tests, but we cover a lot of material, much of it only in class … so you need to come to class, on time, all the time , take notes & keep up… and you have to read some of the text. I’m happy to help those who are interested in helping themselves, but I have little patience with those who don’t want to work for a grade, then want it to be ‘given’ to them. I believe in ‘individual , so if you’re willing to work for a grade, I’ll work with you, and if you have a problem, I’ll be happy to help… but don’t expect a grade you didn’t earn. I’m a retired US Air Force colonel & teach part-time because I like it. My BA is in History & Gov’t and my Masters is in Political Science & International Relations. I realize most of you are here because this is a required course, not because Gov’t courses are the most exciting thing on your
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This note was uploaded on 05/02/2011 for the course POL 1013 taught by Professor Dr.j.philiprogers during the Spring '05 term at The University of Texas at San Antonio- San Antonio.

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Web Ct Intro, POL 1013 - UTSA POL # 1013 - Introductory...

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