What assignment did you enjoy the most

What assignment did you enjoy the most - of overall health...

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What assignment did you enjoy the most? Why? I enjoyed the food pyramid assignments the best. The reason why was because it really help me understand what my calorie intake should be and gave me a better understanding on how I can better control my diabetes and my weight problem. Also it allowed me to also educate my mother about the new food pyramid and how it works. She now uses item on the website so she can monitor her daily consumption. So not only did these assignments help me it also helped my family understand what I am learning and how they can apply it to their lives as well. Are there any assignments that you have completed that have affected your life in terms
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Unformatted text preview: of overall health and nutrition habits? If so, which assignment? How has it affected you? Yes, as I mentioned above the food pyramid assignments really gave me a grasp on how I should be eating being as a vegetarian and as a diabetic. So overall I am hoping with all of the tools on the food pyramid website I can manage my diabetes without medication. So with what I have learned from these assignments I plan to apply them in my life to accomplish this overall goal. So far I have not seen an effect of changing my calorie intake but I have also spoken to my doctor she said it will happen with time so I am excited to see the results as time moves on....
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