The purpose of jails in today

The purpose of jails in today - unneeded tension So society...

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The purpose of jails in today’s society is to detain criminals awaiting pretrial proceeding. Jails also house criminals convicted of misdemeanors or sentencing on current charges. Jails are used for detaining criminals and mental patients awaiting transfer to other facilities. They must also house people on probation or parole holds as punishment for rule violations. Jails are not effective due to society looking at them as a stepping stone to prison. Due to lack of funding in most state many jails cannot provide the programming to help deter criminal for reoffending. Jail also deals with an overwhelming number of inmates. Thus causing overcrowding. This leads to
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Unformatted text preview: unneeded tension. So society more or less would sometimes give up on dealing with criminals at this level, and deal with the bigger criminal offences. This practice only causes a downward spiral of prison overcrowding. I can rationalize this because I don’t see society wanting to step up and help these offenders at this level of possible treatment. With constant lack of funding these jails go to shambles. Unable to house the offenders they do have while adding more daily. While for some offender the jail experience by itself is enough. Some offenders need additional services....
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