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Practice Exam 1 - Biology 2421 Practice Exam#1 Ignore...

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Biology 2421 Practice Exam #1 Ignore Questions 31-40 (except 36) 1) All of the following statements concerning the characteristics of life are true EXCEPT: a. Organisms grow and increase in size b. Organisms respond to stimuli in their environment c. Reproduction is defined as an increase in size of an organism d. Organisms may not exhibit all of the characteristics of life at all times e. Living things store metabolic energy in the form of chemicals such as ATP 2) Which of the following is NOT true concerning bacterial cell walls? a. They are composed of repeating units of NAM and NAG b. The structure is the same in all bacteria c. Amino acids are part of the structure d. Bacteria stain differently based on cell wall differences e. Peptidogylcan is the basis of the structure 3)Which type of culture media would you use to prevent the growth of some types of bacteria,? 4)Facultatives would be found growing mostly at the bottom of culture tubes T or F 5)Which of the following terms is not associated with bacterial cell walls? a. peptidoglycan b. teichoic acids c. NAM d. tetrapeptide e. peritrichous
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a. gain water b. neither gain or loose water c. loose water d. gain water and then slowly loose it all again e. burst 7)ATP is produced by the phosphorylation of _______________ 8)In the electron transport chain FADH 2 is reduced and donates electrons to membrane bound carriers T or F 9)All of the following are true statements concerning reduction reactions EXCEPT: a. an electron acceptor gains an electron b. they are coupled with oxidation reactions c. they frequently involve electron carrier molecules d. an electron acceptor becomes more positively charged e. a molecule gains a hydrogen atom 10)After the Krebs cycle an original sugar molecule has only partially been catabolized T or F 11) All of the following are forms of oxidation EXCEPT: a. loss of an electron b. loss of hydrogen atom
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Practice Exam 1 - Biology 2421 Practice Exam#1 Ignore...

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