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Micro Ch 05 - germination d Compare how bacterial species...

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Chapter 5 Microbial Growth and Nutrition Chapter Summary and Essay Questions Chapter 5 covers microbial growth and reproduction, with reference to factors that encourage or limit population development. Such factors as temperature, oxygen, and pH are considered, as well as methods for cultivating and estimating bacterial cell numbers. On completing this chapter, you should be able to answer the following essay questions: a. Summarize the process of bacterial binary fission and describe generation time . b. Describe the dynamics of a bacterial growth curve . c. Discuss the function of bacterial endospores and identify the triggers for formation and
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Unformatted text preview: germination. d. Compare how bacterial species are divided into groups according to their temperature and oxygen requirements. e. Assess the importance of pH for bacterial growth. f. Compare the chemical composition of complex and synthetic growth media . g. Contrast the uses for the various types of bacterial growth media, including selective , differential , and enriched formulations. h. Contrast the pour-plate and streak-plate methods for making population measurements. i. Describe the direct and indirect methods for measuring bacterial population growth....
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