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Practice Test 2 – with answers 1. Which of the following is not characteristic of the cytoplasmic membrane? A. proteins in the membrane function in transport B. the hydrophilic layer lies on the outside C. site of eukaryotic photosynthesis D. 2 of the above E. none of the above C 2. All of the following statements about peptidoglycan are true except : A. Crosslinks are found between N-acetylmuramic acids. B. It is found in the cell wall of both Gram (+) and Gram (–) bacteria. C. The backbone is composed of alternating amino acids. D. (A) and (C) E. (A), (B) and (C) C 3. Which of the following are true of Archaea? A. respiration can occur in the mitochondria B. can have a cell wall composed of pseudopeptidogycan
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Unformatted text preview: C. can have a lipid monolayer for the cytoplasmic membrane D. (B) and (C) E. None of the following statements are true D 4. Which of the following statements about endospores is false ? A) Only Gram-positive bacteria produce endospores. B) The metabolism of an endospore is the same as that of the vegetative cell it came from C) Endospores can survive conditions that would kill a vegetative cell D) (A) and (B) above are false E) All of the above are false B 5. Which layer of the endospore is made up entirely of peptidoglycan? A) The core B) The cortex C) The spore coat D) The endosporium E) The exosporium B...
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