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Schedule for STAT2103 Sec701 Spring2011 Online

Schedule for STAT2103 Sec701 Spring2011 Online -...

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Statistics 2103 Sec701 - Business Statistics CALENDAR This is a tentative calendar . If time permits, we may cover more topics. The chapters listed are from your textbook. DATES TOPICS CHAPTERS Jan 19 Introduction, Types of data, Collecting data Chapter 1 Jan 26 Describing data, Measures of central location and variability Chapter 2 Feb 2 The Normal model, Box Plots and Time Series plots Chapter 2 Feb 9 Probability rules Chapter 3 Feb 16 Conditional Probability, Bayes Rule Chapter 3 Feb 23 Discrete Random Variables EXAM 1 Chapter 4 Mar 2 Continuous Random Variables, Sampling
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Unformatted text preview: Distributions Chapter 4 Mar 16 Confidence Intervals for Means, Sample Size calculations Chapter 5 Mar 23 Confidence Intervals for Proportions Chapter 5 Mar 30 Testing Hypotheses about means Chapter 6 Apr 6 Testing hypotheses about proportions EXAM 2 (Nov 10) Chapter 6 Apr 13 Comparing two means, Comparing two proportions Chapter 7 Apr 20 Simple Linear Regression, Inferences for Regression Chapter 10 Apr 27 Multiple Regression Chapter 11 May 11 EXAM 3 (Will include questions on concepts from previous Chapters)...
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