Temple University - Macroeconomics - Exam Two - Review Topics - 041009 (1)

Temple University - Macroeconomics - Exam Two - Review Topics - 041009 (1)

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Temple University ECON 1101 – MACROECONOMICS Spring Semester, 2009 - Section 016 Exam Two - Review Topics (Chapter 5, 6, 7, and 8) April 10, 2009 Professor Vincent P. Daley Below, I’ve listed some suggested review topics for Examination Two in Macroeconomics scheduled for April 13, 2009. 1. Chapter 5: A. Definition of Gross Domestic Product B. Final versus Intermediate Goods C. Stocks and Flows/Capital and Wealth/Investment and Savings D. Aggregate Expenditure and Aggregate Income E. Real GDP F. GDP Deflator G. Uses and Limitations of GDP H. Purchasing Power Parity 2. Chapter 6: A. Population, Working-Age Population and Labor Force B. Unemployment Rate and Labor Force Participation Rate C. Nominal versus Real Wage Rate D. Frictional, Structural and Cyclical Unemployment E. Natural Unemployment Rate F. Consumer Price Index Calculation
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Unformatted text preview: G. Biases in CPI Calculation H. Consequences of Biases in CPI 3. Chapter 7: A. Production Function B. Marginal Product of Labor C. Law of Diminishing Returns D. Demand for Labor E. Supply of Labor F. Equilibrium in Labor Market G. Job Rationing 1 H. Minimum Wage Rate I. Efficiency Wage Rate J. Benefits of an Efficiency Wage Rate K. Potential GDP L. Loanable Funds Market M. Demand for Loanable Funds N. Supply of Loanable Funds O. Equilibrium in the Loanable Funds Market 4. Chapter 8: A. Economic Growth B. Calculating Real GDP Growth C. Real GDP Per Person D. Rule of 70 E. Labor Productivity F. Physical Capital, Human Capital, and Technological Advances G. Pre-Conditions for Economic Growth H. Law of Diminishing Returns I. One-Third Rule J. Achieving Faster Growth K. Growth Theories 2...
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Temple University - Macroeconomics - Exam Two - Review Topics - 041009 (1)

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