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Culver, Media Management/Spring 2010 TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Media Management and Organization BTMM 1655– Section 001, Spring 2010 General Information: Professor: Sherri Hope Culver E-mail: [email protected] Phone: 215-204-9716 Class: Tuesday & Thursday, 9:30-10:50am, Room 101, Tuttleman Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday, 11:00-12:30pm Office: Tomlinson 228 Blackboard: Textbook: Alan Albarran, Electronic Media Management, 4 th edition Description: Take a moment to think about the ways you “consumed” media in the past 2 days. Did you watch a favorite program on an over-the-air TV? On a computer? Via satellite? On your cell? Did you read a book from the library? Buy one from Listen to a book in your car? Download one to your iPod? Did you surf the net, blog, podcast, chat, listen to radio by satellite, or “Google” a classmate or a teacher? The myriad of media choices has made it an incredibly fun time to be a media consumer. But, this course will shift your view from that of a media consumer to a media manager. How have these changes impacted what media managers do and how they do it? In order to interpret the media industry through the eyes of a media manager you will need to learn and understand four broad areas influencing the industry: 1) How content is developed; 2) How media organizations are structured; 3) How media companies make money, and; 4) the skills managers use to help bring success to each of these areas. This class will focus on electronic & digital media industries, including television, cable, satellite, radio, online and mobile. Other issues to be discussed include: the role of government, the impact of technology on media businesses and challenges facing public media. The course will consist of lectures, classroom discussion and activities, online readings and research, written assignments and exams. Course Goal: Students will understand the way in which media company organizational and managerial methods impact creativity, content, and economic success. Students will also begin to understand how their own preferences shape their managerial philosophies and tendencies.
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Culver, Media Management/Spring 2010 Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will: understand organizational structures of media companies, their decision-making and how they determine their “best practices”. understand basic managerial concepts, goals, responsibilities and skills and how they impact an organization, particularly in managing a creative (revenue-producing) team. develop a critical ear and eye in assessing media information, media companies, the issues facing those companies, and the manager’s role in helping them grow. gain an understanding of their own personal management style and how that style will impact
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Mediamanagement_Syllabus - TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Media...

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