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MKTG 3596 syllabus[1] - Consumer and Buyer Behavior MKTG...

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Instructor: Michael Obal, Department of Marketing Contact Information: 516 Alter Hall Email: [email protected] (The best way to reach me.) Office Hours: By appointment Course Description The course challenges students to explore a wide range of psychological, sociological and economic principles of consumer behavior, and to apply the principles in a variety of settings. The course focuses on the behavioral factors that impact consumers and their decision processes, and on the implications of consumer behavior for marketers. Key to the course is demonstrating how an understanding of buyer behavior can help to improve company strategy. This is a writing intensive course. Prerequisite : MKT 2101 (0081) or MKT 2901 (0091). Required Text : Consumer Behavior , by L.G. Schiffman and L.L. Kanuk, Prentice Hall. Either the 2010 10 th edition (ISBN 0-13-5053013) or the 2007 9 th edition (ISBN 0-13-186960-4) are acceptable, but note that the numbering of the chapters is slightly different. Other readings will also be assigned. Learning Objectives To gain an understanding of the theories and concepts of consumer and buyer behavior. To apply consumer and buyer behavior concepts to better explain and understand what customers do To improve skills in the research and analysis of customers. To use knowledge of consumer and buyer behavior to make better company and consumer decisions. Writing and Information Literacy Objectives To develop and improve the writing skills necessary to be effective in the practice of marketing To building writing skills in different genres and styles of marketing communications To be able to adapt the style of writing to fit the audience To improve the ability to edit one’s own writing and the writing of others To enhance information literacy by improving skills of accessing, evaluating and utilizing a variety of online and offline sources To properly cite sources and list references in APA style Nature of the Class Classes involve lectures, discussions, and small group exercises, writing and information literacy activities, and student presentations. Students are required to attend class, participate, contribute to discussions, and check the class Blackboard site regularly for course information and announcements. Students are encouraged to access the resources of the Writing Center, 7 Consumer and Buyer Behavior - MKTG 3596 Mondays, 5:30 – 8:00 PM Speakman 107
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Examples of Marketing and Consumer Behavior Concepts Marketing mix, marketing concept, market orientation, observational research, segmentation, targeting and positioning, brand equity, affect, cognition, behavioral intention, overt behavior, product knowledge, high and low involvement, elaboration likelihood, perceptual maps, product innovation and diffusion, means-end chains, decision heuristics, compensatory and non-compensatory decision processes, situational and
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MKTG 3596 syllabus[1] - Consumer and Buyer Behavior MKTG...

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