Lecture 13 - Ch 6

Lecture 13 - Ch 6 - Chapter 6 A Tour of the Cell 6.6 The...

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6.6 The cytoskeleton is a network of fibers that organizes structures and activities in the cell Roles of the Cytoskeleton: Support, Motility, and Regulation The cytoskeleton is composed of three types of molecular structures: microtubules, microfilaments, and intermediate filaments. The most obvious function is to give mechanical support to the cell and maintain its shape. - This is important for a nim al cells, which lack walls. Just a s th e skeleton of a n a nim al h elps fix th e positions of oth er body p arts, th e cytoskeleton provides a nchorag e for m a ny organ elles a nd ev e n cytosolic e nzy m e m olecules. It is m ore dyn a mic that a n a nim al skeleton. It can b e quickly dis m a ntled in on e p art th e cell a nd re ass e m bled in a n ew location, ch anging th e sh a p e of th e cell. Several typ es of cell m otility also involve th e cytoskeleton. The t er m cell motility encompasses both changes in cell location and more limited movements of part of the cell. Cell motility generally requires the interaction of the cytoskeleton with motor proteins . - Exa m ples of such cell m otility proliferate. Cytoskelet al ele m e nts a n d m otor proteins work tog eth er with plas m a m e m bra n e m olecules to allow whole cells to m ov e along fibers along th e cell. Motor prot eins bring a bout th e b en ding of cilia a nd flag ella by gripping microtubules within thos e organ elles a n d sliding th e m a g ainst e ach oth er. Microfilam e nts caus e m u scle cells to contract. Inside th e cell, vesicles a n d oth er organ elles often m ov e along “monorails” provided th e cytoskeleton to trav el to th eir d e stination. The vesicles th at bud off from th e ER trav el to th e Golgi along cytoskelet al tracks. The cytoskeleton also regulat es bioch e mical activities in th e cell in respons e to
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Lecture 13 - Ch 6 - Chapter 6 A Tour of the Cell 6.6 The...

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