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Article 2 questions - Question thirteen How was adherence...

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Medication Adherence Among HIV+ Adults Effects of Cognitive dysfunction and regimen complexity C.H. Hinkin et. Al, Neurology, 2002 December 24; 59 (12): 1994-1950 Question one. What is HAART? Question two. Why is cognitive impairment an important variable in this study? Question three. How was medication adherence evaluated? Question four. What is the major hypothesis of the study? Question five. Describe the sample. Question six. Using the data in table one, what would you write about this sample? Question seven: What were the neurological tests that the subjects took? Question eight. What is a t-score? Question nine. How was the “global t-score” calculated? Question ten. Who was classified as neurologically impaired? Question eleven. How was regiment complexity measured? Question twelve. What is the statistical method used and what are the variables.
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Unformatted text preview: Question thirteen. How was adherence measured? Question fourteen. Why did they make a logarithmic transformation of the adherence data? Question fifteen: State the null hypotheses for underlying the given plot. Question sixteen. Using the interaction plot make of table of cell means, row means, and column means. Approximate values are fine. Question seventeen. Summarize the overall conclusions of the study for a statistical audience. Question eighteen. What makes this study different from the prior ones? Question nineteen. Do you have any suggestions to improve the way the findings were presented for this article? Question twenty. What concepts and/or strategies did this article help to clarify?...
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Article 2 questions - Question thirteen How was adherence...

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