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STAT101A hw1 - Wan Ho Lam 203985091 Problem 1 a. The...

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Wan Ho Lam 203985091 Problem 1 a. The dependent variable is the effect of blended instruction, which is degree of statistical thinking and statistical literacy. Statistical thinking is measured through questions that required the student to demonstrate their ability to analyze and synthesize information and apply their knowledge of statistics to answer real world questions. Statistical literacy is measured through open-ended questions that required the students to write their understanding and analysis of statistical concepts and methods. The independent variables are students with online quiz and computer lab and those without. b. The planned sources of variability are the time spent with TA and the presence of online quiz. c. The attendance of students and different study attitude towards the exam are the chance like sources. d. The variability of the teachings of TA. Although TAs were trained to follow the same teaching methodology, teachings should vary from person to person, so there must be some difference. e. The difference in performance of students with different blended instruction is the question to be answered. We can find it out by comparing the mean score of exams. Source of variation Sum of square df MS F P Between 4866.667 2 2433.333 58.400 0.000 Within 12375 297 41.667 Total 17241.667 299 SS Between = 100*(73-236/3)^2 + 100*(82-236/3)^2 + 100*(81-236/3)^2 = 4866.667 SS Within = 99*(8^2) + 99*(6^2) + 99*(5^2) = 12375 Total = SS Between + SS Within = 17241.667 f. Since p-value is 0.000, we reject the null hypothesis. g. h. It is not completed. Our aim is to compare the effect of blended instruction on students, so we still have to test whether their mean score of exam is same or not. Thus the H 0 hypothesis is the mean of the two group of students are the same, H 1 is the mean is different. i. The population of students who had taken that 10 classes.
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Wan Ho Lam 203985091 j. We can try to use the same TA. We can test on more students.
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STAT101A hw1 - Wan Ho Lam 203985091 Problem 1 a. The...

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