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AST 301-Lecture 1 - b Galaxy(200 billion stars are big not...

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Lecture 1 – 8/26/10 Astronomy is the study of all matter and energy in the universe, organization, and evolution Scale models analogies: a) Earth is an orange, moon is a grape at the back of the room, sun is about the size of a tree outside i) Sun is an orange, earth is a pencil dot at arms length, nearest star to sun is roughly in Chicago ii) Probability of running into another star is small
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Unformatted text preview: b) Galaxy (200 billion stars) are big not far apart from each other i) Nearest galaxy would be at another quarter page of the person next to you ii) Galaxies always collide c) Edge of galaxy would be at about ACL All the luminous matter only accounts for 4% of the total matter a) 96% of the stuff we can’t see is called dark matter and dark energy...
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