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Lecture 12- start of exam 3

Lecture 12- start of exam 3 - /14/10 Radiation is anything...

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Lecture 12 – 10/14/10 Radiation is anything that spreads out from the source like light a) Light obeys inverse square law- intensity falls off with the square of the distance (example is gravity) Light a) A form of electromagnetic radiation b) Newton could break up white light by passing it through a prism. It became spread out into different colors and is now known as the visible spectrum. i) Visible light is only a small part of the spectrum Light usage a) Light is the only source we use to learn about the solar system b) Light carries energy i) We can save energy by turning off the lights Properties of light a) Main question is that is light a wave or particle? Sometimes things behave as particles and sometimes as waves. i) Examples of particles- tennis balls, rocks, atoms (?) ii) Examples of waves- (1) Transverse (move perpendicular up and down): guitar strings, surface waves (2) Longitudinal (waves move along the direction): sound, slinky Light as a wave a) Waves carry energy b) Wave properties i)
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