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Lecture 21 – 11/18/10 Black hole- an object being compressed at the surface which causes an increase in gravity a) Causes escape velocity to increase and eventually get near the speed of light Understanding black holes: a) Inertial mass is the same as gravitational mass i) There’s no experiment that can tell the difference between the two b) Gravity bends light i) Photon losing energy is called gravitational redshift when light is shined above you A Photon is one hertz frequency a) Frequency is lower if photon is shined above you due to gravitational redshift and increases if its shined down towards you As an object collapses, escape velocity gets higher and gravitational potential is getting
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Unformatted text preview: greater as well Black holes never get to the point where they’re actually black holes due to the escape velocity never reaching the speed of light; it just gets closer and closer. a) John Wheeler termed the word black hole but Russian’s call them “Frozen Stars” b) Place where escape velocity is same as speed of light is called Schwarschild radius Two types of singularities: removable and physical Einstein explained gravity by saying matter bends space/time and space/time is acting back on the Earth...
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