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Biology Lecture 14 - Differ in beating patterns Cilia are...

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Biology Lecture 14 Myosin protein interacts with actin filaments (allows for contraction in muscle cells) Actin and myosin interactions drive: Pseudopodia movement (false feet) Cytoplasmic streaming (cytoplasm moves around cell)- distributes cell nutreiens Pinching of cells Intermediate filaments are based on their size (8-12 nm) Contains keratin family of proteins They form the nuclear lamina Help cell resist tension Anchor of nucleus and other organelles Microtubules Tubulin diner Contain alpha and beta Made up of 13 columns of tubulin molecules Lumen is the hollow part of the tube Contains + end and – end Growing and shrinking occurs at + end Resist compression to maintain cell shape Help in movement Serve as track or monorails Cilia or flagella Interact with motor proteins to move along monorails of the cytoskeleton Kinesin: moves from – to + end and carries vesicles Dynein: moves from the + end to – end and carries chromosomes Cilia and Flagellea Microfilaments control the beating of cilia and flagella
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Unformatted text preview: Differ in beating patterns Cilia are shorter (cells have more of these) Flagella have the same diameter but shorter Microtubules: cilia and flagella share a common ultrastructure: Microtubules sheathed by the plasma membrane (9” to 2”) Basal body has 9 triplets Dynein “walking” Protein cross-links limit sliding and allow bending instead Plasma membrane is on outside of cells Selectively permeable- some things can get in an out Phospholipids are the most abundant lipid in the membrane Amphipathic- has hydrophobic and hydrophilic region Fluid mosaic- contains a variety of imbedded proteins Drift within the phospholipid bilayer Embedded proteins determine what the cell does Make a chart about where glycoprotiens and glycolipids are, whats the difference between a transmembrane protein and secreted protein. What does the ER do and what does the golgi apparatus do. Sugar momoners are attached to proteins or lipids...
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Biology Lecture 14 - Differ in beating patterns Cilia are...

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