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AE+2020+homework+4+spr11 - 0.2c and which is deflected 25...

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AE 2020 Homework #4 Due 3/17/11 1. Show that for a symmetric airfoil C mle = -C l /4 by integrating the expression for developed in class. 2. For a thin airfoil with z(x/c) = 2h(x/c)(1-(x/c)), find C mc/4 . 3. For a thin, symmetric airfoil at 1.5 degrees angle of attack, calculate lift coefficient and moment coefficient about the leading edge. 4. Calculate C l and C mc/4 for a NACA 0009 airfoil that has a plain flap whose length is
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Unformatted text preview: 0.2c and which is deflected 25 degrees.(ie the rear 0.2c of the camber line is deflected downwards – account for the change in chord and recall the chord line connects the LE and TE) When the geometric angle of attack is 4 degrees, what is the section lift coefficient? Where is the center of pressure?...
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