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AE 2020 Homework #4 Due 3/17/11 1. Show that for a symmetric airfoil C mle = -C l /4 by integrating the expression for developed in class. 2. For a thin airfoil with z(x/c) = 2h(x/c)(1-(x/c)), find C mc/4 . 3. For a thin, symmetric airfoil at 1.5 degrees angle of attack, calculate lift coefficient and moment coefficient about the leading edge. 4. Calculate C l and C mc/4 for a NACA 0009 airfoil that has a plain flap whose length is
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Unformatted text preview: 0.2c and which is deflected 25 degrees.(ie the rear 0.2c of the camber line is deflected downwards account for the change in chord and recall the chord line connects the LE and TE) When the geometric angle of attack is 4 degrees, what is the section lift coefficient? Where is the center of pressure?...
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