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L10 - ~hcfw sorJalJta fj LRc~r-e to ~ SmU81>J...

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LRc~r-e to ~h{'( sorJalJta fj ~ SmU81>J i5 /fpt-e5R.I1-kJ as x{fJ=- Km [f)~Jwt +r;) JIw rt- ~ -1f..-e 11'0 liar;- (f~ [b ~I- J-e s ~c h fA j c.;{' ff pte S€t1 M c(s v(&)~ Vtnc<>s(wffev) (r(t) = Ifh U>5 ( wt fBi \ fu ~-trh1£. i1 ~ J.-rm..t J..ejA ~ /s f11ino ~ a fbJrtM fhax/mIJm·r;N SLjJTm. 7if4-.JU q~ Vdfr;y---(;.f}-4.~ k>~h hnw Cotl< be IVifJ cd 1;. r/7..., [,11 dMf,J emu", ni! ~r 1lt. U<tNlnf (f crt l;eYl) ~tri>u \lei 1= Vrn CoS (tNt +9v -ft) ~-(-t) =- Trn w5 (wi) (VDhif rIfu.+ tl fhl1~ t6 6-/ fJ }u~c:bI ~ ,epcA- pl'Vf qh~ fnu {~p0m6 vt)-ko/ atJ Cu l1ftt f t d~k M we h~ pt)VfY)rmCo5(tJtfe-v~$Jw5w't Cb ~ ftl ~ {LtP "'~~ ~
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CD5~ UJr:. ~ ~ ( CfJ5P<- j!J f CoS (~M) J rPnm ~ 1n75~=teJn( l~fitr 0( = 'wi: + (fv-Ut ) (5~ wt -v Ptr V"i1!Wl. t-05(~-o/) -I- VftlZ Cos6wi +8v.-f)) Co5 ( ~ 1-(6 ) =- Cos IJ\ q; 'j3 - <Sin eX sinf.> p-tJ=-\4.L; {cS('&v-1J,) + !fI1k [OS(~v-(j)[o)'trvl 2 L -lfn,Z: ~ (U,,-eJsrnM 2- Uh cafj ~ ref) '{5 (l (-0"'"- P + P Q,s2wL - Qsih2urL tW~ P = II t'l1L f1;S ( $v -~) q I Jl) htlfb<tl {ls-ft.n L - c. v-e~ y err re-..I f~ ' a ::: YIl1~ S,-n (f)~ -~) t:lts7J lfleW<- <U tr...e 2 reae/If pnvJ ~~/ fllWil ~ rwu &J.~ ~ t.~ h,( h I1AMdu{y,( e~. (/) 1-A 4t 1f 1N ctmJ /$ fUit~ tf.J;j,~ I {ttl ~ f1 i'{.C aJ f = P fpCDS2/Jlf;s c/56 fndWfL '\s -1tw --,-h:h,J~~ _1'S4!
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