test 3 notes pols 110 - -Has to be introduce in both...

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Congress  Big State/ Small State House based on Pop. Senate based on….___________ 1929 Congress decided to cap the # of House Seats to 435 seats or congressional districts Reapportionment Take US as a whole and look at Census to determine how many house seats each state  gets. Since 1960 each districts have to have the same number of seats Redistricting  -within each state it’s done by state legislature (in most states) every Census -Gerrymandering  (Packing) -packing the district full of one party to be the majority in that district. Enumerated  Implied-> necessary and improper Clause Elastic Removal From Office 2 step process - 1 st  House/Impeachment -2 nd  Trial in Senate How a Bill becomes Law pg. 347 - Public Agenda - Policy Formation Congress - Policy Implementation Bureaucracies 
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Starts with H of R and Senate
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Unformatted text preview: -Has to be introduce in both places-Then goes to Standing/ Full/ Permanent Committees o 20 in the house o 18 in Senate o These have sub committees o If don’t like bill then just sit on it-Discharge bill o Rarely used-Hearings by sub-committees o Not an unbiased process-Rewrite the Bill (Mark-UP) o If you have majority and vote out goes back to standing committees-House goes to the Detour committee o Sets up how House (i.e. o Then goes to house floor-Senate unanimous between Minority and majority leader for debate o Unlimited debate-Now back to House and Senate Floor o If passed then its two bills Then goes to conference committee • Made up of majority members Then send it back to both Senate and House...
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test 3 notes pols 110 - -Has to be introduce in both...

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