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Karlo Natonton CMM 120 Informative Speech – Preparation Outline Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the life of a loyal Chicago Cubs fan. Central Idea: Faithful fans of the Chicago Cubs have suffered for more than 100 years of pain and disappointment which shows the true loyalty and love that all Cubs fans have for their team; win or lose. Introduction: I. It was a cold October night in Chicago in 2003. The trees, bushes, and vines had already lost their leaves and any form of greenery. The days were shorter and the autumn breeze was brisk against my face. I was completely numb to the cold air because of the excitement running through my veins. The Chicago Cubs were one win away from the World Series. II. I sat down in front of my television, counting down the outs until the game was over. The score was 3-0. Five more outs until the Cubs have finally reached the promised land and fulfilled the dreams of millions of Cubs fans, including me, a young 7 th grader who knew nothing better. But then as soon as I could blink, the game was over and we were caught on the wrong side. III. The Cubs went on to lose the series and broke the hearts of Cubs Nation. Imagine if the St. Louis Cardinals didn’t win the World Series in 2006. The city of St. Louis would be a giant emotional wreck until the next season started. Sure, all professional teams have their fanatics that follow them daily. However, Cubs fans are of a different breed. Cheering for the Cubs is not just another summer activity. Cheering for the Cubs and being a true fan is a way of life. Transition: Let’s take a quick look at a brief history of the Chicago Cubs. I. In order to understand the atmosphere of Chicago Cubs Nation, one must learn about the history of the team. a.
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CMM120InformativePrepOutline - Karlo Natonton CMM 120...

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