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Karlo Natonton CMM120 – Persuasive Speech Proposal October 25, 2010 Topic: The “Toy Story” film trilogy. Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that Disney’s, “Toy Story,” trilogy is the greatest film trilogy of all time. Central Idea: Though many films have attempted to create trilogies, the “Toy Story” trilogy is the only one that was able to be successful with every single movie. Main Points: 1. Trilogies such as “The Godfather,” and “Back to the Future,” has two successful
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Unformatted text preview: movies but ruined the entire series with a sub-par, third installment. 2. “Toy Story” is a fitting movie for people of all ages, young and old because of the values and lessons that one can learn. 3. “Toy Story” is not only a fan and family favorite. It is also a highly respected trilogy within the film industry, winning multiple awards and gaining rave reviews from the toughest of critics....
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