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Karlo Natonton CMM120 – Commemorative Speech November 22, 2010 Specific Purpose: To honor my beloved friend, Vazhin Amin. Central Idea: My life has been greatly impacted by Ms. Vazhin Amin and I encourage you all to take heed to her life and accomplishments and apply them to your own lives. I. What do you consider to be a friend? One that you can talk to? One that you can party with? One that you can trust? One that you can love? I can honestly say, that Ms. Vazhin Amin fulfilled all of these categories and it is sad to say that my best friend and the one I love is gone. Today, we honor Vazhin Amin and everything that she has done in her life. It may have been a short lived life but the impact she has made on my life will last a lifetime. Our friendship was only a mere year and a half. But in that time frame, I learned so much about Vazhin. From her likes, dislikes, and her crazy little quirks that always made me smile, I feel like I can write for days about her. For example, I know she didn’t like ice cream (sometimes), she loved chocolate covered strawberries and pineapple, was absolutely obsessed with SVU, and I know that she always used to make sure the tag on her comforter was towards the foot of the bed. I know that my personal life has changed drastically because of her. Drastically for the better, of course. But, if those of you here do not know her, this is why she is easily one of the best people you can ever meet. If you didn’t get the chance to meet her, hopefully this will show you how much of an amazing person Vazhin was. Transition: Let’s take a more detailed look into Vazhin’s life to see exactly who she was. I. Vazhin was an energetic, hard-working 19 year old from Chesterfield, Missouri. a. She was born on July 20, 1991 in Iraq to loving parents Faruk and Midya. b. Her parents named her Vazhin, which in Kurdish means “uprising,” which was emblematic of the tough times in Iraq. c.
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CMM120CommemorativePrep - Karlo Natonton CMM120...

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